Stephan is a seasoned and accomplished data engineer.

Previously trained as a Mandarin Chinese linguist at the Defense Language Institute while serving in the US Navy, he was later stationed at the National Security Agency in Hawaii, working as an intelligence analyst. During his tenure at the Agency from 2012 through 2016, he took it upon himself to teach himself how to program in order to automate the work he and other military analysts were doing.

As a consequence of his success in that endeavor, he was awarded a Joint Service Achievement medal and special assignment as a software developer on NSA Hawaii’s “Mad Science” team. There he worked alongside PhD’s (one whom now works at Google X) and other experts in their field to provide other analysts superpowers through automation and machine learning.

In the years since his time at the NSA, Stephan has continued to surround himself by the smartest people he can find, helping them tackle their principal business and technical problems at scale. 

He now owns his own company, KNOWSUCHAGENCY CORP, assisting enterprise clients overcome their most difficult data engineering challenges.