Don’t Get Attached to Your Code

Code is expendable. Don’t be your code.

As software engineers, it's tempting to think our job is about the code we write. So when it's critiqued during code review, deprecated in favor of another solution, or retired due to shifting business priorities — it can feel personal.

It’s important to take a step back and contextualize the work we're doing. Code is a means to an end — a necessary evil. It takes time to read, write, grok, test, deploy, maintain, etc.

Eventually, the original need for the code won’t exist, or a phenomenally better solution will come along to render it obsolete. It only exists as a bridge until a better one is built, or plate tectonics changes the landscape so thoroughly a simple road will suffice.

Celebrate the day your code gets deleted.

Hasten its demise 😉

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